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Meet Our Entrepreneurs

Business Name
Panphon Panchakunathorn
Kitkat Brand
Kitkat Brand was inspired by my first hamster Kitkat. He is a Chocolate Banded long hair Syrian hamster. This business started off with only hamster treats and now it expanded to many small animal treats like, rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. Hopefully soon, I can start making dogs and cats treats too. My main goal for my shop is to make it affordable and healthy as possible. All of my products are made with natural and organic products. Thank you so much for the great opportunity!
Eva Milby
Designs by Eva
Watercolor cards, stickers and canvas art
Tarun Lucas
At TUPA Protein Bars, our passion is to create an all-natural, socially responsible product that empowers high-performing athletes to achieve greater heights. Chewy bars are boring and never give that long-lasting protein effect. TUPA Bars are crunchy, brittle bars that are one of a kind in this protein market. Filled with all-natural ingredients, we are also one of the very few companies that donate 100% of all profits to charity. We are a 'Good product for a Good Cause' concept.
Sultan Kantar and Jacob Bell
Vermillion Apparel
Design and manufacture of "T" Shirts. Hopefully expanding to include Hoodies and shorts
Uzair Hashmi
Student 4 Student
Students are taught school subjects like math in one-one-one sessions with a tutor. Students learn new content at these sessions and gain a better understanding of various subjects.
Emma Grice
Dragonflies Creations
Wire and glass bead bracelets Rosary bracelets
Ishita Chanana
Fashion Friends
Hi my name is Ishita chanana I am 8 years old. My business is to sell cute and trendy fashion accessories for young girls. At the booth we will have variety of beautiful accessories and clothing.
Emma Allen
Wreaths by Emma
Emma makes front door wreaths for any occasion. Mostly sells to family and friends but would like to expand her business.
Aarav Agarwal/Bhargav Reddy
Southlake Foundation Student Leadership Program
As the CISD Club Coordinatior, we are promoting the SLF club. Our goal is to get interest from other people who want to help the community of Southlake.
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